Changing PPC Agency:
5 Things You Must Consider

changing ppc agency

Whether you’re a business owner or marketing manager, changing PPC agency is a liberating experience (especially if you’ve been waiting several months for your contract to run down). For whatever reason, your previous agency failed to meet your expectations and however nice their client lunches were, it’s time to show them the door.

So what do you need to look for when changing PPC agency?

1) Performance, performance, performance

Quite simply, you wouldn’t be changing PPC agency if your goals had been met. Whether you’ve got an ROI, CPA or traffic target, your new agency will need the creative flair, mathematical mindset and channel experience to reach it. At Ad Republic, we put great effort into understanding what drives our clients’ goals, which ensures our resources are channelled correctly. For example, if you’ve got a clear CPA goal, we’ll build intelligent bidding rules at keyword-level to make sure the target is always met.

2) Communication is key

Don’t be afraid to ask your new agency to adhere to your communication methods. Our valued client Eco Market uses the messaging platform ‘Hip Chat’ for day-to-day communication. Of course it’s no skin off our nose using a neat piece of software, but it also means they can easily contact us and we can interact with their whole team.

3) Agency methodology

When it comes to PPC, every account manager tends to do things a little bit differently. We all come from the same ‘Google school’, but our ingrained competitive nature to be number one drives us to test things others are yet to think of. Each agency sets off on their own path in the quest for delivering something a bit different. Ad Republic are no different; when a client is thinking of changing PPC agency we refer them to the quality of our ads. Whether it’s today’s PPC model or newspaper ads from the 1960’s, clever creative always wins.

4) Who’s actually doing the work?

The larger the agency, the more levels of hierarchy. The truth is, you pay higher management fees, for someone less qualified to do the work. Sure, you get to sip whiskey with the agency’s top schmoozer on a Friday night, but is it really worth your company’s profits or your credibility as Marketing Manager? At the very least you want to make sure anyone working on your account is Google Adwords Certified.

5) Contract flexibility

You’ll never make the same mistake again. You’re promised the world, locked into a long-term contract, only to be greeted by mediocre performance and amateur account management. ┬áChanging PPC agency becomes a messy legal issue that leaves a sour taste in your mouth. When vetting potential new agencies, ask about contract length upfront. If you decide they’re the agency for you, be sure to include poor performance clauses as an exit route. At least then if you’re promised the world, your new agency will be under far greater pressure to deliver. All of our clients are on 30 day contracts. We’re not going to make someone stay who doesn’t want to, and anyway, we let our performance do the talking!

Changing PPC agency becomes much easier when you know what to look for. Define your expectations now, then find the agency that’s best equipped to deliver.