Outsourcing PPC Management:
The 5 Key Benefits

outsourcing ppc management

Mans’ technological advancement over the last 100 years can be likened to Google Adwords progression over the last 10. Each new innovation is revolutionary for its time; but its only when you look back, that you see just how far we’ve come. Adwords in the early days was all about keywords, bids and texts ads. Jump forward a decade; throw mobile advertising, enhanced campaigns and product listing ads into the mix (to name but a few new features) and say hello to the Adwords technical minefield! It’s no surprise you’re considering outsourcing PPC management and here’s 5 other reasons why you should consider it…

5 Key Benefits of Outsourcing PPC Management

1) Better performance – Compare if you will the job security of your in-house team with that of an agency. An agency has to deliver results week-in week-out or risk losing your business. An employee on the other-hand is wrapped in legal bubble-wrap; kicking them out for mediocre performance just isn’t an option! The pressure for an agency to deliver excellent results is constant and ultimately drives better performance.

2) One Man, Two Guvnors – Keyword development, bid management and ad copy analysis are daily tasks. If you don’t have an employee (or employees) dedicated to managing your PPC activities 100% of the time, chances are, the account isn’t being managed as efficiently as it could be. Outsourcing PPC gives you a specialist manager for your paid search activities, whilst freeing up your employees time to concentrate on other channels.

2) Higher, higher education – Agencies have a strong ethos towards learning. Account Managers must know the latest developments in the industry and have deep knowledge and understanding of how to increase ROI. Team workshops and learning sessions are a regular part of agency life that an in-house environment typically lacks.

3) Call in the GA-Team – Google and Bing have a vested interest in agency performance because the combined spend of client accounts is so large. Therefore, they assign ‘reps’ to the agencies who provide access to beta’s, resources, analysis and advice, which is of course invaluable. Unless your in-house team is spending £50k+, there’s no way you’d get access to this kind of support without outsourcing PPC management to an agency.

5) The VIP treatment– Unless you’re heavy advocates of the Japanese philosophy of ‘Kaizen‘, I’m guessing your employees don’t treat you or each other like customers. Outsourcing PPC management on the other hand, turns you into the customer. Agencies do everything in their power to keep their customers/clients happy. Whether it’s improved performance, regular communication or swanky client lunches, us agencies pull out all the stops to make you feel loved!

Whether your performance isn’t what it should be or you simply don’t have the resources to keep up with Adwords, outsourcing PPC management is the next step to growing your business online.