Optimal Keyword Density For SEO


Optimal Keyword Density For SEO

optimal keyword density

Remember the film I, Robot¬†starring Will Smith? Robots built to abide by 3 universal rules uncontrollably evolve in a way that leads to their attempted extinction of the human race. In the words of Mr Smith; “oh hell no”.

The technological evolution in this film is a bit like Google.

In the beginning Google’s algorithm was very precise. It followed clear-cut rules. For example, build a backlink from a PR7 website with keyword-rich anchor text and you’ll gain some serious authority. However, in order to remain the public’s natural selection, it had to evolve.

Fast-forward to 2013 and Google sees right through artificial backlinks and engineered anchor-text. It’s algorithm has an almost human-like way of detecting anything “unnatural”. So where does that leave us with a topic like keyword density?

The theory that optimal keyword density is a fixed percentage is completely dead. What could possibly be natural about stuffing your keyword into a 500 word article 15 times. It’s contrived, it undermines the quality of the content and Google noticed it.

It’s important to give Google direction by mentioning your keyword in the content, but only when it fits in naturally with the text. Think about it, this provides a better experience for the user, which is Google’s primary goal.

In the video below, SEO guru Matt Cutts talks about keyword density, and puts the dated theory to bed in 3 minutes flat.