YouTube Video Advertising: Leveraging #MontyThePenguin


It’s official, the magic is back at John Lewis this Christmas. After last year’s ad that failed to strike an emotional chord, #MontyThePenguin has waddled his way into the hearts of the British Public. Just 24 hours after being released into the social media stratosphere, Monty would have never expected to be the nation’s favourite Penguin; especially with the humble chocolate taking the crown for 20 years. However his quest for love melted our hearts and seeing his eyes light up at Mrs Monty leaves a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Not bad emotions to associate to a brand right?!

Of course the ad is really about a little boy’s imagination, bringing his toys to life and his parent’s ability to give him exactly what he wanted for Christmas. And how did they do that? They shopped at John Lewis of course! I don’t know how many people who would pay £95 for a soft-toy, but at least the marketing message is right!

4 million views and 24,000 likes in a matter of hours – that’s the power of viral video and getting the right exposure. And if caught in the ‘growth stage’ there are plenty more sets of eyes to come. So how can your business leverage this kind of audience?

YouTube Video Advertising

Check out Coca Cola below. ‘Holidays are coming’ is without a doubt the most famous Christmas advert of all time. All it takes is strategic placement, leveraging John Lewis’ ad exposure, and the Coca Cola brand is front-of-mind again for the consumer.

youtube video advertising - coca cola

And look at Debenhams, a big competitor getting in on the action too. They’re promoting their Christmas ad directly on top! Although I commend the placement, the ad isn’t quite on-par with Monty’s engaging story.

I’ve also pointed out the 300×250 display ad next to the search results. This is a great opportunity to compliment the video ad with a branded banner, although neither company has done this yet.

youtube video advertising - debenhams

Now of course placing an ad on top of John Lewis’ content requires a decent budget and also a certain degree of relevance. However the principle can be used whatever industry you operate in. Leverage the big players to get exposure for your brand. Contact us for more information on how to do this.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s the John Lewis Christmas Advert 2014

No penguins were harmed in the making!