The Most Expensive Advert Ever Made

De Niro. DiCaprio. Pitt. Scorsese.

This cinematic dream team is sure to have any fan of the big screen salivating more than Jordan Belfort and a big bottle of Lemmon Quaaludes.

But don’t get too excited…

“The Audition” is in fact a short film promoting the grand opening of a luxury, Vegas-style casino in Macau. In other words, it’s an advert.

The most expensive advert ever made in fact, costing an estimated $70 million, with each actor pocketing a cool $13 million. Not bad for a few days work.

The previous holder of ‘the most expensive…’ crown went to Chanel, with their $33 million spectacle starring Nicole Kidman and directed by Baz Lurhrmann (you know, the sunscreen guy). Now this wasn’t exactly chump-change for a ad produced over 10 years ago, but it highlights the market rate for ‘Brand Association’ in 2015.

Even 20+ years ago, Pepsi were paying Michael Jackson $15 million for a 90 second ad. Why?.. Because if you love Michael Jackson, and Michael Jackson loves Pepsi, then you should love Pepsi too.

Seems like a lot of money for 1984, but watch the ad. Two decades on, it still has the power to make you feel good. Plus how can you not love a young Alfonso Ribeiro (a.k.a Carlton) busting his moves?! It’s value is timeless, or at the very least, lasts as long as you love the participants.

Melco Crown Entertainment (the casino developer and owner) certainly needed deep pockets for this campaign, but I guess when you’re paying $3.2 billion for a gigantic Hollywood-inspired superplex, what’s another $70 mil to get the word out there?!

The ad is genius, the casino looks incredible and the only disappointment is that I won’t be visiting my local Vue to see some kind of modern mafia masterpiece. Oh well, Macau it is then.