Darwinism in Advertising

Every day the average consumer is subjected to over 3,000 adverts. Whether it’s your favourite radio station playing less and less music, or the exact same ad taking up an entire escalator on the tube. There’s no denying it; our media platforms are saturated.

As such, we’ve become pretty darn good at zoning these ads out. But advertising works. Companies invest millions to get exposure. So how do you give yourself the best chance of success? How do you get noticed?

Well, shrewd placement and targeting is key. There’s nothing quite like Google Adwords to meet your customers when they’re telling you want they want. But even with these two factors in place, you’re still just one fish in a rather large pond.

So, when everyone else is a boring goldfish. You be the Lion Fish. You be the Mandarin Fish. You be the Emporer Angel Fish. (Google image ‘colourful fish’, you’ll see).

Standing out is Darwinism in advertising. It’s survival of the fittest, and if you want your company to be around in 10 years time you better make sure your advertising is on point. Stop drowning in the abyss of ordinary and do something different; refreshingly different.

There’s no better example than the new Oasis advert that’s been generating plenty of ‘fair play’s’ and ‘tout chez’s’ up and down the country. Why? Because it cuts the bull, and takes the brutally honest route with a touch of humour.

As consumers we say:

1) You’ve got my attention

2) You’ve entertained me somewhat

3) I’m now going to associate these feelings to your brand

4) Next time I’m thirsty, I may well reward you for your approach

New Oasis Advert 2015

So hats off to Oasis (probably your ad agency). Because next time I visit my local shop, I for one am going to reward creativity, being different and making me smile.

But keep it up. Otherwise I’m going back to Lipton Ice Tea.