How to Attract Quality Links to Your Site in 2015


When SEO professionals say ‘just write great content and the rest will take care of itself’, people get pissed off. Myself included. Now let me start by saying they are 100% correct. But the problem is they don’t elaborate on what great content actually is.

It’s like a teacher saying ‘study hard and you’ll do well in your exams’. The two things may well be correlated, but without the right revision strategies it’s kind of meaningless.

So what is ‘great content’? Well let’s look at it this way…

The success of your business is a direct reflection of the value you add to people lives. The same applies to SEO. The quality of the links you can attract, and ultimately, the quality of your site is a direct reflection of the value you add. Help people solve their problems and they’ll reward you. Whether that be through a link, a retweet, referral or even a purchase.

So in order to attract quality links to your site this year, the first question you need to ask is this:

What problems do my target audience have?

and the second is:

How can I help them?

For example, I know that people often find it hard to write PPC ads. It’s not easy being creative, eye-catching and concise. Therefore I built a wordbank of 460 adjectives and 350 call to actions to help people when writing their ads. I packaged it up, stuck it into an infographic and shared it as a cheat sheet around the PPC community. I’m making people’s lives a little easier, and as a result they reward me.

If you’re unsure of your audience’s problems, ask them. Get involved in a forum, stick a survey on your site, jump on Twitter, run an incentivised competition, and take it offline too with focus groups and customer conversations.

Once you understand their issues, you can help. Whether that be through a ‘how to’ article, instructional video, unique industry research, a free tool or software, or even just an opinionated piece that dares to go where others won’t. This is great content. This is valued adding content. And this is the way to attract quality links to your site in 2015.

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