Local PPC Management: 5 Winning Strategies


Last year, we were rewarded by Google as one of the top PPC management agencies in the UK for helping local businesses use Adwords. In this article, I’m going to share with you some of the key strategies we use for helping small and medium businesses grow through local PPC management.


Choosing the right keyword match types

You’ve probably been given advice that a campaign build starts with Exact Match keywords; and this is right. If you know the exact search, you can right a hyper-targeted ad for it. However, by narrowing your targeting through local PPC management, you’re reducing your impressions.

For example, limiting your PPC campaigns to London (as opposed to the UK) may cut your impressions by 50% or more. 

Fewer impressions means less data. Which means it takes longer to optimise, and longer to make improvements. Therefore, make sure you use Phrase and Broad Match Modifier too. If your impressions still seem low, don’t be afraid to expand further to Broad. As long as you have good negative keywords in place, you’ll be able to catch the majority of relevant searches in your local market.

Write local PPC ads

The whole point of local PPC management is to tell your customers you’re nearby. So make sure your ad says so.

For example, if somebody searches ‘PPC management london‘, my ad uses the words ‘Local PPC Agency’ in the headline and ‘London’ somewhere in the description. 

I make it crystal-clear that we offer what you’re looking for and in the right location.

Local PPC management is all about mobile

The way we search has changed. Smartphones are as slick as desktop, meaning we can easily find what we’re looking for on the go.

If you’re trying to drive awareness of your business, or footfall into your store, you’re mobile ads need to be on point. This means short, punchy mobile-preferred ads. You also need to keep an eye on your ad position, as only the top 2 spots are for PPC advertisers.

Use your location extensions

Whether you have one store or 50, add them as location extensions to your ads. If your Quality Scores are good, it’ll show underneath your ad when someone make a local search. Again, this reinforces that fact that you’re nearby.

Consider your opening times

Many local PPC management strategies suggest running your campaigns to match your business opening times. I argue against this, and recommend adjusting your bids to the time of day instead.

Many searches take place out of business hours. Whether these are ‘research searches’ or someone who’ll visit you first thing tomorrow, neither should be overlooked. Instead, make sure you have constant visibility, and simply lower your bids for off-peak hours.


Effective local PPC management relies on balance. Narrow targeting and relevant ads will massively increase your efficiency. However, be careful not to limit your campaigns too much, as data is the key to understanding.