Happy 3rd Birthday Ad Republic – Pay Per Click Agency

Happy 3rd birthday Ad Republic - Pay Per Click Agency

Today we celebrate our 3rd birthday. 3 incredible years of hard-work, growth, and establishing ourselves as a top pay per click agency in London.

Along the way we’ve served over 612 million ad impressions, delivered 6.1 million clicks, generated 374k conversions, and spent well over £4 million.

We’ve also won a Google Award, developed our own custom Adwords technologies, and doubled in size.

This wouldn’t have been possible of course without our great clients; many of whom have been with us from the very beginning. The strong relationships we’ve built with you contribute massively to the success of your PPC management, and we’re proud to work with you.

Ad Republic was built on the notion that the fundamentals of advertising do not change. Whether it’s a print ad from the 1950’s or a PPC ad in 2016, results are determined by how and when you communicate with your customer. 3 years on, it’s extremely satisfying to see our beliefs vindicated by our continued growth.

Today, our principles and identity are even clearer. We are the PPC agency where science and creativity meet. Whether that’s expert copywriting or mathematical optimisation; we master both sides of the coin, enabling us to deliver exciting yet technical campaigns.

Thank you to our clients, partners, employees, and friends for being a part of our journey so far. We look forward to a successful year ahead.