3 PPC Tools Your PPC Agency Should Use

PPC Tools for a PPC Agency

There are a lot of great 3rd party PPC tools out there. No PPC agency should be too proud to use another company’s handiwork, especially if it improves their client’s results. Below are 3 of the best PPC tools and why they’re so darn cool!

Keywordtool.io – PPC Keyword Tool

Over the years I’ve used a lot of different keyword research tools. Keywordtool.io is by far the best. Whether it’s building a campaign from scratch, or beefing out your Ad Groups, you need a PPC tool with plenty of data, that’s easy to manipulate. Keywordtool.io achieves this.

Keyword searches often return hundreds of suggestions, but more importantly, they are closely linked to your initial search. This helps you create tightly themed Ad Groups, therefore improving your chances of good Quality Scores.

There’s also a separate tab for ‘questions’ containing your keyword. For example, the search ‘PPC Agency‘ returns the question ‘why use a PPC agency?’ This insight is very useful in understanding the problems of your target customer. Know their problems, and you’ll be able to give more effective solutions.

Lastly, they’ve even got keyword suggestions from Bing, YouTube, Amazon, and app stores too. It really is a top PPC tool.

The basis version is free, but doesn’t give monthly search volumes. Paid versions include Adwords competition, Adwords CPCs, 2x more keywords, and search volumes. The cost ranges from $48 to $88 per month. Not too bad if you ask me.

Ten Scores – PPC Quality Score Tool

Next up I’ve got to give credit to Ten Scores. This is a PPC tool for tracking your Quality Score. The problem with Adwords is that it doesn’t keep historical data of your Quality Scores, making it very difficult to monitor.

You need to know whether the changes you’re making are helping – Ten Scores helps you achieve this.The tool is a web-based application that connects with your Adwords account, importing your Quality Score data each day.

Insight is presented very nicely, with trend lines, colour coding, and attractive tables. They also give you an estimation of how much you’ve either saved or wasted due to your Quality Scores.

It’s also very reasonable too. 5 Adwords accounts (up to 50,000 keywords) costs just $25 per month. Now it’s worth noting, that a simple Adwords Script can track your daily Quality Scores too. However, the clean dashboard and other features make it well worth the small investment.

Supermetrics – PPC Reporting Tool

Lastly, I’ve got big respect for Supermetrics. In a nutshell, they enable you to combine data from different channels in one place. It’s the best PPC tool for combined reporting that I’ve used.

It has many functionalities, but personally I use it to combine data from Adwords and Bing Ads. As a PPC agency, many of our clients use both platforms and we need to be able to show the overall picture.

They even have a specific feature that automatically uploads cost data from Bing Ads and Facebook Ads, to Google Analytics. You simply schedule it to run each day, and you can monitor your overall ad spend in the ‘cost analysis’ section of GA. Bing Ads uploader costs $29 per month, and Facebook $39 per month.

Lastly, they make sharing reports very easy. You can either create them in Google Sheets, Google Docs, or Excel.

Custom PPC Tools

If you’re in need of a custom PPC tool, let us know. Our in-house Adwords script development team can create almost anything to make your PPC management easier and your PPC agency better!