Route 66 comes to Farringdon


I love working in Farringdon.┬áDuring the week there’s a certain buzz in the air that you just don’t get anywhere else in London. The combination of digital techies, arty design folk, and classic watchmakers bring the place alive.

But there’s one particular spot which is my absolute favourite. Just down the street from my PPC agency, where Clerkenwell Road meets Goswell Road, is a wonderful open space. Ignoring the car park on the ground, look up and you’ll see two buildings facing each other. Both of which are┬átaken over by stunning advertising artwork.

Previous exhibitors include the likes of Apple and Sony, however today was a bit different. Instead of a brand, an American icon went on show…

Route 66, one of the most famous roads in world is 90 years old. And as a special treat to us British folk, they brought a taste of the US to London. Offering free hotdogs, classic sodas, and live music, the place came alive.

The artwork itself features the likes of a classic shell pump, the famous Brook’s Catsup bottle water tower, and a vintage muscle car. Expertly designed and totally unexpected, cars stuck at the lights didn’t seem to mind today.

Route 66 is 90 artwork in Farringdon, London