Google Adwords Display Banner Sizes [Infographic]

Google Adwords display banner sizes

The Google Display Network is one of the biggest untapped resources for cheap traffic online.

It often gets tarnished with a bad brush, with advertisers claiming ‘it may be cheap, but it’s poor quality‘.

I don’t argue that there’s a truck load of junk traffic to be had on the GDN, however there’s also a lot of quality sites, that if targeted correctly, can open up a huge resource for your business.

At the very least you should be using it for Remarketing, which is a proven Adwords management strategy for bringing previous visitors back to your site to convert.

So, to get started, you’re going to need some Google Adwords Display Banners designed and built.

There are great sites like and where you can get these created very cheaply and to a good quality.

Below we’ve also provided you with a straightforward infographic containing all of the Google Adwords display banner sizes and their technical requirements. Simply share this post with your designer and away you go!

Ad Republic - Google Adwords Banner Sizes Infographic