Our approach to Facebook Ads

We believe Facebook Ads offer your business a credible way to expand your Pay Per Click campaigns. No other platform outside of Search has delivered better results for our clients. A combination of accurate Interest targeting and Remarketing options, means Facebook ads is no longer just for certain ‘types’ of business; it’s for all advertisers.

Our holistic approach to PPC management means we try and connect with your audience across multiple channels. Whether it’s Adwords, Bing, Twitter or Facebook, we bring customers to your site, no matter where they’re hanging out!

Our credentials

Our Facebook Marketing Services team have worked on the platform since it’s inception, spending over £1million in clicks. We know how it works, how to keep your audience interested and how to drive sales for your business.

Our in-house design team are also specialists in passing Facebook’s Ad approval process. In case you’re unaware, your image can’t contain more than 20% text. Don’t worry though, we’ve created special templates to ensure our ads pass 100% of the time.